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I am delighted to share that Aswathi S of BCA and Pallavi DS of B.Sc. FAD Program have secured 7th Rank and 10th Rank in the BCU Examination conducted in Sep/Oct 2022. I am proud in quoting that VET First Grade College is ranked 19th in Higher Education Top 20 promising Education Institutes in Bengaluru - 2019. You will find that college is a dynamic learning Institution in which it is possible to foster a sense of individuality and personal development. Sports, Cultural and Extra-Curricular facilities are put in place to make the students enjoy their campus life along with the experience of life-skills, social values, knowledge and holistic personality development. State of art infrastructure and well stacked library are provided where students can enrich their learning skills & enhance their knowledge with the support of E-content.

The range of Programs offered by the institution includes Commerce, Management, Fashion Technology Computer Applications, Psychology, Journalism, Optional Kannada and Optional English. As you step into the portals of college, you are immersed by our ethos of competence, discipline and character. Student's participation in various committees and clubs retreats their contribution to society. The short term courses and certificate courses support them to compete with their peers in corporate. I am sure students enjoy their stay of learning at VET in any programme they opt. The Journey from Student orientation to Graduation will result in better citizen to society at large.

I recall the saying of Swami Vivekananda “All Power is within you, you can do anything and everything”, and here comes VET First Grade College, supporting the students to achieve anything and everything so that they become valued Citizen of India.

Dr. R Parvathi
M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D (Fin), Ph.D (Commerce)
Principal & Academic Director

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