Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

The BCA course is a full time three/four years Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application. The basic objective of BCA Course is to provide students with the required knowledge and necessary skills to get rewarding careers into the changing world of Information Technology. Students can gain foundational knowledge of computer applications as well as software development, database management, programming languages, operating systems, and so on.

The program gives rigorous practical Education and strong command on programming languages which makes industry ready professionals, internship culture makes them get acquainted with corporate world which helps them in improving decision making ability, managerial skills, technical aptitude, problem solving skills etc. There are wide-range of job options available for a student who has pursued BCA. These could be found within the ambit of software development, software testing, web development, technical support, IT analysis, support and service specialist. The course is a prerequisite for a Master’s Level degree.

Semester I

  • Language L1
  • Language L2
  • Discrete Structure
  • Problem solving Techniques *(T+P)
  • Data Structure*(T+P)
  • Environmental studies
  • Open Elective 1
  • Physical Education
  • Health & Wellness

Semester II

  • Language L1
  • Language L2
  • Computer Architecture
  • Object Oriented Programming using Java *(T+P)
  • Database Management System *(T+P)
  • Open Elective 2
  • Skill Enhancement Course I
  • Physical Education

Semester III

  • Language L1
  • Language L2
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Networks *(T+P)
  • Python Programming *(T+P)
  • Open Elective 3
  • Skill Enhancement Course II- Computer Assembly and Repair
  • Physical Education

Semester IV

  • Language L1
  • Language L2
  • Software Engineering
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithm (T+P)
  • Internet Technologies *(T+P)
  • Financial Education & Investment Awareness
  • The Constitution of India
  • Physical Education

Semester V

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analytics*(T+P)
  • Web Programming *(T+P)
  • Vocation Course I: Quantitative Techniques
  • Elective I: a. Data Mining b. Computer Graphics
  • Skill Enhancement Course III: Cyber Crime, Cyber Law, and Intellectual Property Right

Semester VI

  • Project Work
  • Machine Learning *(T+P)
  • Mobile Application Development *(T+P)
  • Vocation Course II: Electronic Content Design
  • Elective II: a. Operations Research b. Software Testing
  • Internship
  • Note: *T - Theory
  • *P - Practical
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