SC/ ST/ OBC/ Minority Cell

College has been providing facilities and services for SC/ST students since the inception of the college. A special cell was formed in June 2013 to assist the students from Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST), Other Backward Committee (OBC), Minority communities to enable them in improving their academic performance and in optimizing their development in their personal and social life as per the guidelines of UGC for strict implementation of reservation policy in Colleges.


  • To execute, monitor, and assess regularly the University's reservation policy, as well as design steps to ensure the successful execution of policies and programmes of the Government of India and UGC.
  • To educate, enlighten, and empower the students and faculty of SC/ST/ OBC/ Minority categories at the institution to utilise the facilities provided by the government and other agencies for their educational and professional advancement.
  • To Collect data about the execution of rules governing with regards to admissions of students, appointments to teaching and non-teaching posts at college, and analyse the data to determine the trends and changes in relation to meeting the quota.
  • To counsel, direct and assist them in managing their academic responsibilities.
  • To ensure Coordination of equal opportunity, welfare, and other programmes, including government and UGC financial aid.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • To implement the reservation policy for SC/ST, OBC & Minorities in the College.
  • To collect data regarding the implementation of policies in respect to admissions, to take up measures for achieving the objectives and targets laid down for the purpose by the State Government and the UGC, to guide the SC/ST students of the college, to optimally utilize the benefits of the schemes offered by the State Government, Government of India (GOI) and UGC.
  • To Circulate GOI and Commission's decisions and to collect information regarding course-wise admissions to candidates belonging to the SC / ST, OBC & Minority.
  • To maintain information on admissions, education, training and employment of SC/ST, OBC and Minority, prepare reports for transmission to the Ministry of Human Resource Development/University Grants Commission and such other authorities as may be required and to promote higher education among these communities suffering economic, social and educational deprivations.
Madhu L
Roopa T
Selvi S


The college's SC/ST/OBC/ MINORITY Cell serves as a point of contact between students and several government agencies to facilitate and expedite the awarding of scholarships, other types of financial help and providing Library books etc.

The committee meets twice a year and addresses the various issues relating to students and staff

College staff, students, parents; other relevant stakeholders may provide their complaints and get redressed about their complaint either online or offline by sending mail or submitting hard copy of the form or even online logging in or mailing to

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