Women Grievance & Redressal Cell

This cell is meant for maintaining the records of grievances, actions taken thereon and settlement of grievances. The grievance box is placed in ladies rooms where students have to drop their grievances, if any. The box is opened once in a month and checked. Any grievance found in it is scrutinized and necessary actions are immediately taken by the Cell. In case of emergency, the Principal calls a meeting and addresses the problems immediately. The cell resolves the difficulties of the girl students ‘grievances and promote a healthy working environment for all our female staff, students and faculty. The cell organizes workshops and awareness programmes at regular intervals towards building a gender-neutral workplace.

Committee Monitoring the Women Grievance
Dr. R.Parvathi, Principal
Head of the Committee:
Narayanaawamy S G
Bharathi P S
Shilpa R
Dr B Rammya
Gowri Hebbar
Febina K S

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Cell is required to work in the direction of providing help to any female complaining of discrimination, either gender discrimination or otherwise, any kind of abuse, loneliness, peer pressure, groupism, home sickness, insecurity and/or inferiority complex in terms of physical appearance, adjusting and adopting to the new environment, etc.
  • Receiving student's complaints.
  • To develop organizational framework to solve grievances of students and other stakeholders.
  • Acknowledge students their duties and responsibilities to access the benefits provided by the institutions.
  • Investigate the reason of complaint and obtain a possible solution to the problem faced by students and stakeholders.
  • Uphold the dignity of the college by providing and promoting cordial students, peer, teachers relationships.
  • To give better platform to students their interest ability and opportunity for the proper choice of careers.
  • To identify and help students in need to promote right attitude.
  • To minimize any incidence of indiscipline.

Complaint and Redressal Mechanism

  • After knowing grievance of students, class Mentor discusses it with the HOD and then an appropriate solution is found out. If not solved at this level, then grievance is taken up to the Principal and legal advisor.
  • The complainant shall be summoned to hear complaints (if necessary).
  • After hearing of complaints, the committee shall take appropriate decision.

Mechanism For Women Grievance and Redressal

College staff, students, parents; other relevant stakeholders may provide their complaints and get redressed about their complaint either online or offline by sending mail or submitting hard copy of the form or even online logging in vetfgc.edu.in or mailing to vetfgc@rediffmail.com

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Women Grievance Committee Proceedings

UGC Grievance Redressal Regulations

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