Department of Computer Applications

The Department of Computer Applications was established in the year 2009. The department is full-fledged with experienced faculty and meritorious students with lateral thinking. The department isccommitted to impart Value and Skill-based quality education in the field of Computer Applications.

The course enables a student to get exposed to a range of computer related skills from thefundamentals to complex system programming as well as application of specific programming. Besides, the course also offers exposure to soft skills, a blend of technical skills, human values andpersonality development concepts. It facilitates teaching and research equally. Students arebestowed with ample opportunities to improve their talents, technical knowledge, leadership qualityand organizational ability which emphasize the academic performance and placement. The increasing growth of IT industry has created a lot of opportunities for the computer graduates. It is one of the popular courses for the students who want to make it big in the Information Technology field.

The department focuses on Add-on courses and Industry Internship for experiential learning in the form of knowledge building and creates awareness on digitalization of day-to-day activities.Success of the department can be directly attributed to the dedication and high calibre of the faculty by getting a Bengaluru City University Rank.


To offer up to date and flexible programs which will allow our graduates to be competitive in the job market and striving to provide a hands-on approach in teaching computer related courses and creating leaders and innovators in industry, education, and various other fields of the society.


  • To provide students and faculty with an open environment that fosters professional and personal growth.
  • To provide an excellent education in all computers related fields.
  • To prepare students for careers in industry or to pursue advanced graduate studies.
  • To provide a teaching environment that emphasizes depth, originality and critical thinking.

Faculty List:

Febina K S

Asst. Prof & Co-ordinator

Tanuja H

M.Sc Mathematics
Asst. Prof


Asst. Prof

Roopa P

Asst. Prof


M.Sc (CS)
Asst. Prof

Murali J

Dip In Information Technology
Technical Head

Arun K

Dip In E&C
Lab Assistant
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