Department of English

Department of English offers quality education under English as a subject in degree courses, VET FGC offers English as Optional subject (major) in BA and in other degree courses as minor. Students gain knowledge and skills that can be applied to different fields from seeking job to completing their education.


  • Organizing literary activities to enhance communication skills.
  • Developing reading, listening, writing and speaking skills to enrich language.
  • To organize training courses for life skills and soft skills to apply in Job and personal growth.
  • To establish themselves to further level in academic and research link with other institutes.
  • Give students an understanding of an appreciation for the English language.
  • Offer opportunities to explore values, manners and morals.


To develop as a center for excellence in achieving academic goals. To encourage students to participate in literary activities. Creating awareness about the importance of language in getting job and academic progress.


To offer English as a core subject in BA. To provide learning opportunities, utilizing modern language learning methods through technology. Conducting field research building the strong foundation of literary sensibilities and language competencies.

Faculty List:

Jagadeesh F Nerlekar

Asst. Prof

Chandrakala M

Asst. Prof
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