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Cultural Club - Chittara


A cultural club in a college serves as a dynamic hub for students passionate about exploring and celebrating diversity in various forms. This student led organization typically organizes a spectrum of activities, including cultural festivals, art exhibitions, music performances and educational events, through these initiatives, the cultural club provides a platform for students to express their creativity, share their traditions, and engage in meaningful cross- cultural dialogues.

The cultural club-Chittara was started with the keen interest of showcasing the student’s talent and encourage them to exhibit their talents with different cultural activities. The club consists of faculty coordinators and student coordinators to organize events for the semesters. There are different activities which will be conducted under the club such as guess the song, wall decor, Face painting, T- shirt painting, pencil sketching , doodle painting, photography, on the spot dance,rangoli competition, pot painting, flameless cooking, group dance, group singing,wall hangings , make over, mehendi competition, flashmob, culrav etc. The club activities will be conducted on every Friday @ 2 pm after the classes. Interested students will participate in their own interested activities and will make the activity grand success. The student coordinators will arrange for the event in the “Chittara” room according to the need of the event with the instructions of the faculty coordinators. The students’ coordinators are represented with the “Chittara” badge and there are different committees that are framed to take care of the activity.



FACCIO, the Fashion club of VET First Grade College was inaugurated on 28TH March 2018. This fashion Club is open to any student interested in the field of fashion. It aims at bringing out the inherent talent in students on the side of creativity, related to designing, sketching, draping, accessory and jewellery making, etc. The club plans one major fashion show each year. Other activities include guest lectures, field trip to fashion related events, Industrial visits, intercollege competitions, seminars, workshops, short term certificate courses, fashion quiz, etc....

The fashion club of VET First Grade College is a place to express artistic freedom in the fashion world. This fashion club will be a place to better yourself, network with others and share ideas with students and faculty on campus. Members will gain up to date knowledge.

Compulsory membership for all the B.Sc FAD students and the Executive committee consists of president, vice-president and secretary. President will preside over the club meeting and act as spokesman. The vice-president will assume presidential duties and responsibilities during president's absence. The secretary will keep records of all club meetings.


Our meetings are held twice a term/ semester.

Fashion Club Events

  • Annual Fashion Show
  • Themed Dress Up Days
  • Annual Inter-collegiate Fashion Show
  • Fashion Quiz
  • Student seminars
  • Guest Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Short term certificate courses
  • Field Trips
  • Model hunt
  • Creative sketching
  • Industrial Visits.

Spotlight - Literary Club

The literary club is a forum for thinkers, readers and writers to express their thoughts and concerns of the society through literary club. It is a platform for students who are free to express, read and write on the topics of their interest and choice. The club is also a center for students to share their insights on politics, philosophy, Spirituality and philanthropy.

As this is the students association there is great competition among students to get into the club. Students are assessed based on the literary aspects as literary skills, creativity and leadership qualities, communication skills and sense of responsibilities.


To develop a flair for language and to enhance their literary skills. To think and explore creative ideas providing opportunities to interact and improve communication skills by encouraging them to display their cognitive skills and to instill confidence.


  • To introduce students into various English language activities
  • To encourage the students skills for creative writing and expression.
  • To help to prepare students to work in a community by teaching them about social, political and economic issues of the society.
  • To promote the literary talents among our college students
  • To develop different perecpectives of appreciation for literature in the students.
  • To enhance their thoughts and speech through group discussion, debate and interactive sessions.

Techno Club

The Techno Club is aimed to share our passion for technology by imparting to students about the current development in the field of technology. Techno Club organise several events which truly promote the technical knowledge of the students and help to work among inter-discipline. In Techno Club, mission is to empower students to become techno-savvy and provide them with the necessary skills for successful careers, to facilitate an ample amount of recruiting opportunities and foster social and professional networking within the college and beyond.

The activities of the club have been well formulated to develop the interest and competence of the students in the related technologies with emphasis on applied aspects of the concepts. The club envisages the following broad activities.

  • Learning through technical magazines and journals.
  • Learning basic computer software and application to enhance productivity.
  • Hands-on workshops on the latest software tools and technology.
  • Paper writing and presentation.
  • Quiz and discussion on club themes and related topics.
  • Interaction with eminent industrial and academic experts in the domain of club theme.

Vanijya Milana - Management Club

Vanijya Milana a Management club of VET First Grade College is a platform that intends in guiding student-driven initiative that collaborates with both the corporate and academia. It was established mainly with the intention of bridging the gap between academics (theoretical knowledge) and industry (practical scenarios).

Other objectives of Management club

  • To empower students to take ownership for their initiatives.
  • To facilitate extra-curricular and co-curricular learning activities.
  • To initiate activities that provides experiential learning to students.
  • To enhance creativity and necessary management skills of students.

Under this club many programmes like Best Manager, Add Zap-Logo Creation, Marketing – Developing Marketing Plan, Finance – Investment Analysis, Business Quiz, Product Launch, Guest Lectures from field experts, Industry Visits, Seminars and many other programs are conducted with the ultimate focus to develop the overall skills among the students.

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Vanijya Dhara- Commerce Club

The commerce club Vanijya Dhara was started to expose students to the practical challenges in a business scenario. The club aims at building the self-confidence and increasing financial literacy among students .

Activities within the Commerce Club may include seminars, workshops, industry interactions, and networking events. These initiatives aim to supplement academic learning with practical insights, helping students bridge the gap between theory and real-world application

The main objectives of Vanijya Dhara club is to help students develop sense of unity and teamwork, learning how to work with others in reaching of same goals, help learners develop social skills. By creating a community of like-minded individuals the commerce club contributes to the overall educational experience, fostering a spirit of curiosity and collaboration among students perusing commerce related studies. Debate on GST, Role play, Best out of waste, Group discussion are few events conducted. Vanijya Dhara club continues taking initiative activities to bring social skills, moral values, intellectual skills, personality progress and character appeal in students.

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