• Mrs. B Rammya
    PG Coordinator and Associate Professor

The Rotaract Club of VET First Grade College was started in the year 2013-14 with 50 students members. The Rotaract is a student wing of Rotary International whose motto is to serve the society at large. The club believes in self development of the individual and giving back to the society. Currently the club boasts of 150 members.

The club has various office bearers like President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, President Elect and Directors who take care of day to day activities to be conducted for the academic year. Every year the club starts with installation ceremony where all the office bearers receive their pins or batches as a symbolic representation of their duties and responsibilities. The Rotaract club has been instrumental in conducting and organising programmes like Repair Cafe where old and not working appliances were repaired and brought to working condition. Student development programmes like seminar on I am a winner-a motivational talk was conducted to improve communication, leadership and team building among students which improves their confidence and makes them industry ready.

Other useful activities like chart making for Government children, making senior citizens aware of their human rights, cleaning plastics camp at Kanakapura were also arranged. This club makes the students aware of the external world, teaches discipline, makes them compassionate and builds their confidence.

Chairperson Dr. R.Parvathi, Principal
Co-Ordinator Dr Rammya.B
Members Sangeetha.B.P.


Awareness on E-waste and conducted E-waste collection drive which supports the Plastic free campaign.


Green and safe environment initiative.

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