Department of Commerce

Commerce department has been active since the inception of the college in 1995, which has earmarked the student’s achievements in academics as well as overall development of the students. The Commerce Department is an academic powerhouse dedicated in providing students with a comprehensive education in the field of commerce.

It offers academic programs that cover areas such as accounting , finance, marketing and management. The department is not confined to textbooks and classrooms. The commerce clubs “Vanijya Dhara” and “Business lab” focus on connecting students to the real world of commerce by providing opportunities for internships, seminars, and workshops that enhance practical skills and prepare students for careers in accounting, banking, finance, and other related fields.

The faculty and staff in the Commerce Department are dedicated to the academic success of their students. They offer guidance, mentorship, and support to help students excel in their studies and make informed career choices.


The vision of the Department is to impart contemporary education to make the students well versed in the domain of commerce and business to meet the challenges in corporate world and to equip and prepare them to start their own ventures benefitting society.


The mission of the Department is to train students to explore in a critical understanding of trade and commerce, banking & insurance, stock markets and information communication technology to cultivate an appreciation of the enduring power and its relevance to the current market scenario. The department with dedicated, qualified, and experienced faculty aims to render knowledge through teaching, research and extension and aim for continuous improvement in the quality of education.


  • To imbibe appropriate skills among students to face the challenges of corporate world.
  • To boost all-round personality development of the students.
  • To inculcate moral values & commitment to society amongst students.
  • To offer required Add on and Short term courses.

Faculty List:

Dr. Parvathi R

Ph.D (Fin), Ph.D (Com),
M.Phil, M.Com, CIC

Dr Rammya. B

Ph.D, M.Phil, MBA, CWA,
M.Com, K-Set, NET
Assoc. Prof. & Co-ordinator

Gowri Hebbar

HOD Commerce

Madhu L

Asst. Prof

Shubha Y N

Asst. Prof

Shwetha R

Asst. Prof


M.Com (B.Ed)
Asst. Prof

Punitha Shree E

Asst. Prof
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