Department of Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Optional Kannada, Psychology, Optional English and journalism introduces its students to the field of language, creative thinking, communicate better and mass media. The curriculum aims to make students capable of overlooking different perspectives of society. The program introduces students to the environment of language and the ability to think broadly. The course helps students in mastering important skills like critical thinking, expression, and research.

This degree provides a rare chance to explore one’s passion, interests and ambitions. Students who complete this degree will be well suited to meet the challenges of a modern workplace, where specialisation, creativity, logic and critical argument comes to forefront. It also enables one to become an independent thinker. Studying Arts equips every aspect of life accordingly, our graduates are in demand from a broad range of employers, with career options as varied as the degree itself.


To integrate areas of language, communication and provide effective knowledge on critical thinking and train the students to meet the needs of the competitive world and make positive contributions leading to prosperity of the society and the nation at large.


To train students in providing educational opportunities in communication, critical thinking, understanding media and focusing on different perspectives of languages and provide best equipment, encouraging students to cultivate an enduring power of counselling and challenging the world.

Faculty List:

Anushree R U

M.Sc B.Ed
Asst. Prof


  • The aim is to enhance and teach innovative concepts, formal language and provide best teaching materials.
  • Analyzing and interpreting the quality of research and the frame work of contents.
  • The aim is to reflect on visual, audio and creative teaching and learning.
  • Recognizing and evaluating the basic elements of creative thinking.
  • To provide effective language communication and moral values.
  • To provide required short term courses.
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