Other Languages Department

Language plays a vital role in human life. Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam are few regional languages of India which are encouraged by VET First Grade College. Students are free to study the said languages with the approval of the University in their 1st semester to 4th semester at under graduation Programs.


Hindi belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of languages and is considered official language of India. College encourages students who love to learn Hindi as their first language. The department organizes many programs in Hindi for all students.


Sanskrit is regarded as the ancient language. VET First Grade College upholds and promotes the same by imbibing it in its offering to students. Sanskrit is opted by selected students as first language and helps in sensitizing students to our rich, diverse and varied traditions and culture of India

Other Languages

The college gives prominence to other regional languages like Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam and others as all these languages depicts the culture and tradition of our country. Students from different states are encouraged in learning first language in their state language opted by them with the permission of University. This shows that the college encourages multi-linguistic learning among students.

Faculty List:

Indrani S K

M.A (Hindi), B. Ed
Asst. Prof

Vijay Kumar

M.A. and Vidwath in Sanskrit
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