Counselling & Mentoring

In order to resolve day to day academic problems of the students, mentors are appointed for a batch of 20-30 students and they will counsel the respective students to solve the problems that they come across during their course of study. This is a continuous process till the end of the academic career of the student.

Committee Monitoring the Women Grievance
Dr. R. Parvathi, Principal
Head of the Committee:
Anushree R. U.
Narayanaawamy S G
Bharathi P. S.
Shilpa R.
Dr. B. Rammya
Gowri Hebbar
Thanuja H.
Febina K. S.
Lokeshwari D. V.


  • To monitor the student's regularity and discipline
  • To enable the parents to know about the performance and regularity of their wards
  • To improve teacher – student relationship.

Mentorship is assigned to each member of commerce and management, science and language faculty based on the courses and classes they handle. Each staff member is allotted 20-30 students program wise he/she will be a mentor for all the three years of their stay in VET First Grade College at the UG level. The mentor sheets have been designed to make provision to include all academic, co-curricular and personal details of student including his/her family. The mentor helps the student to understand the institutional culture. He/she provides guidance on personal issues and guides to choose certificate/credit courses offered in the institution.

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