Laboratories set up for experimental observation and practice in the field of study.

Business Lab

The College is well equipped with Commerce lab consisting of ample computers and internet facility to guide students in their various Commerce and Management related activities. It gives practical orientation to the theoretical concepts by conducting activities like seminars, presentations, group discussions, interviews. It inculcates research culture among Teachers and Students.


Computer Lab

We have well equipped computer lab to provide learning environment and user policy services provided to defined community for internet access, hardware or software optimized task or processes, computer aided designing, 3D designing and Programming are some of the various multipurpose activities conducted. Computer consists of 54 desktops with Wifi enabled accessibility of 150 mbps speed, Projectors and printer which augments the lab setup. It is well ventilated and maintained.


Designing Lab

Our designing lab is mainly used for sketching, draping and pattern making, with sufficient drawing tables, drafting tables, dress forms, mannequins and display fixtures.


Textile Lab

Well-equipped textile lab to conduct fiber, yarn and fabric testing, wherein various pretreatments and post treatments of textile material is conducted.


Sewing Lab

Garment construction lab with full-fledged machineries like domestic and power operated, over lock and pressing machineries to manufacture garments.


Hardware lab

It is a space for the students to design and build assemble and I trade upon the hardware devices which helps us students to fill the gap in digital learning the hardware provides some medium for hands-on learning.


Language Lab

The college has a well - functioned language lab that facilitates students to practice the language via computer-based exercises and activities. The language lab provides a very different experience from the traditional system of teaching and learning English, offering more advanced features and functionalities. The lab offers the students a structured e- learning environment to practice English in an entertaining and interactive way to acquire the main language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The effective use of the lab will enhance their vocabulary and improves their proficiency in speaking and writing.

The Language lab is powered by Clarity English Success, equipped with 20 computers with high-speed internet facility and audio-visual aids to refine the linguistic skills of the students. The lab can accommodate 40 students at a time and provide adequate facilities for effective teaching and learning of various aspects and skills of English language.


Psychology lab

The psychology lab provides students a platform to understand the emotions, personality and behaviour of people. Students can carry out cognitive and psycho-physiological investigations using a sophisticated eye tracker to trace eye positions on a computer screen or the Biopac programme to measure the participant’s physiological reactions such as heart rate and skin conductivity.

Psychology Lab also provides highly interactive resources for the teaching of psychological science. The peer-reviewed materials include psychological tests, thesis, research studies and correlational studies, large data sets, demonstrations, and teaching aids. Students use the lab for further areas like psychological phenomena and the scientific process, including research methods, practical applications, and ethics.

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