Support Facilities

Facilities for differently able students at VET FGC includes ramps, railings tactile path, special washroom facility for boys and girls wheelchairs scribes for examination etc.

CCTV Camera

Security camera placed in and around the campus would help to combat criminal activities and the offender will think twice before committing any heinous activity, as no one wants to be recorded on camera committing a crime. Undoubtedly, running a college is the biggest challenge, as ensuring security is the major responsibility. However, surveillance camera system embedded with the latest technology has made it easier to create a safe and secure environment in college premises.

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Fire Extinguisher

The College has strategically placed fire extinguishers on all floors of all facilities. In case of a small fire we can use extinguisher. The fire risk assessment should have looked at college premises construction, size and the type of activities undertaken and then decided on the type and number of fire extinguishers (or other fire suppression systems) required for the identified fire safety hazards.


Elevators/ Lift

If disabled students or staff need to be able to reach several floors of the college then, an enclosed platform lift is the solution. Our platform lifts provide years of safe operation allowing access for less able (impaired mobility), students, teachers and parents. We also consider the aesthetics of how the platform lift will look and fit into our building to ensure it is pleasing, comfortable and safe for all users.


Drinking Water

The college provides access to safe, clean and hygienic drinking water to students through water purifiers installed in ground floor and it is also available in all the floors. The purifiers are professionally serviced at regular intervals for the benefits of students and staff.


Internet and Wifi

Apart from the computer laboratories setup for syllabus programs the Institutes have provided computer centres for general purposes and learning during extra hours. These facilities are also available to students beyond college hours for preparation of seminars & projects and research-orientated work. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled and students can access the internet on their laptops round the clock. 300 MBPS Broadband.

Wi-Fi facility during college hours in campus.


Dedicated Internet Lab

We have local area wireless technology which allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to internet using 300 MBPS in our college campus and in UG and PG.


Our College has deployed UPS systems to maintain high availability and protect their data centers from power outages. Maximum uptime, especially in the event of a power failure, is a top priority for the data center pros at the College. Our college uses UPS systems to protect their information systems against a host of power-related issues. A UPS system will provide power protection during power disturbance and blackouts.

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College Open Food Pantries for Staff, hoping to ensure food, coffee and snacks may be prepared self or class IV employees do the need.


“Food for thought”. The college offers canteen facilities to the students. The canteen offers homely hygienic food and sumptuous food to the students. It maintains the necessary cleanliness and hygienic in preparing and serving the food to students. Canteen Timings:- 7.00 am – 6.00 pm. It provides snacks, drinks and lunch at subsidized rates.

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A hostel for boys with homely atmosphere has been provided to facilitate the candidates from outside. The hostel has all the facilities Applications may be obtained from the office after getting the admission to the course. The allotment will be at the decision of the management. The rules and regulations of the hostel to be followed by the inmates rigidly.


Boys Toilet

Separate toilets for girls and boys as well as availability of water are essential for basic human rights that enhance the atmosphere where the education is imparted. It can also be put in the compartment of basic needs and requirements in our college. In our college, bathrooms include multiple sinks, toilet stalls.

Girls Toilet

In our college, there are separate Toilets for each gender. Washrooms include multiple sinks, toilet stalls. Girls are also been provided with sanitary napkins in case of emergency. To maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings disposal facilities are been provided.


We provide parking for students, faculty, administrators, staff and visitors in our campuses. The college provides on the premises ample parking for two wheelers as well as four wheelers vehicles and separate parking facility for students and faculty members. Parking space is reserved for Differently abled students and staff. But those who park their vehicles have to abide by certain rules and restrictions.



Our College has a well-developed garden which provides a lush green look to the campus. It also maintains greenery for ecological balance and aesthetic look. Lush green lawns with blossoming flowers all around the campus present an exquisite view.


Health Centre

Our health room has been set up with first aid facilities to students as well as staff members. We also organize health awareness programmes for the benefit of students.


Differently Abled

Differently-abled persons are given special arrangements in the environment for their mobility and independent functioning. The colleges provides lift, ramp, scribe, wheelchair, railings, special toilets, parking space, sign boards and others make them self-confident. College also provides awareness in the higher education system and also to provide necessary guidance and counseling to differently-abled persons.

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Girls Common Room

The room meant exclusively for girls to make use of it during their special days. Sanitary vending machine, sofa, mirror and other amenities are provided for the Girls. It is also safe for changing their dress where cameras are not installed for their safety reasons.

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Boys Common Room

The room meant exclusively for boys to make use of it during their leisure period. Students may rest or can use as changing room.

Girls Lounge

Space provided for girls to sit and work with friends, Even they are permitted for celebrations of friends’ birthday and other entertainment with friends is made available for girls

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